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Jen Romney

General Manager of Property Management - East Perth Office

Having over 35 years in the Real Estate industry specific to Property Management, Jen Romney has experienced all the highs and lows of the industry, including the evolution of Property Management from a paper driven service to one which is now powered by technology and mobility.

What has not changed in the past 35 years is the Customer and the Clients expectation of a level of service.  It is Jen’s true passion to be able to lead a team of great Property Managers to deliver this customer service expectation every day at Realestate 88. Jen prides herself on making a positive and lasting impression. She counts empathy, being a good listener, assertiveness and having a solid understanding of tenancy legislation as her key qualities. Her main focus is ensuring her team are protecting the landlord’s investment, while ensuring tenants are looked after in a fair and equitable manner.

Jen brings her years of experience both as a Property Manager, Team Leader and professional staff trainer to Realestate88 to work alongside the Asset Management Team.

Mentoring and training the team on Company policies and procedures ensures that Realestate 88’s expected level of Customer service, is delivered with confidence and with the professionalism that Realestate88 are renowned for.

Delivering Excellence in service is what drives Jen, and having a fantastic team working with her to achieve this is what excites her most. To be leading the Asset Management team at Realestate 88 gives Jen great pride, knowing Realestate 88  are Perth’s Inner City property specialists.