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Tutai Manu

Marketing Administrator - Perth Office

Coming from a long line of success, Tutai has much to live up to. Reigning from the Cook Islands, a savant seeking perfection, Tutai grew fond of film at an early age, Incorporating his work ethic and optimal approach, Tutai has shown many skills, whether it is doing paper work at the office, or shooting a video out in the field, the potential is infinite.

Tutai brings a lot to the team with his background in broadcast and television. This includes both the people skills necessary to interact with potential clients to the aptitude to use a computer to make ideas into reality.

Currently Being mentored by Brendon Habak, Tutai has both the perfect team and guidance to be one of the best in his field, Marketing. Only starting in the industry in 2020, Tutai has tried to innovate the way that we conduct Real Estate advertising in the forms of multiple electronic and physical mediums.

“If you’re applying yourself only 99 out of 100 times, you’re not good enough.”