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Tips For Tenants

Viewing a Home

As well as scheduled home opens we have a dedicated Leasing Manager who is available for private inspections. When you find a property that suits you requirements please contact our office on (08) 9200 6168 where we will assist you with making a convenient time to inspect. If you require a property quickly you can also request for an application form to be sent through to you so you can have all documents ready to pass to the consultant at the viewing.

Applying for the Home

You will receive an application from our Leasing Manager at the inspection. The application form asks for references from past agents and landlords. Current employment will be confirmed and personal references may be contacted to help us confirm your suitability to rent the property, along with your capacity to cover your expenses. If the application is to be in the name of a business or company, we will need your ABN as well as your certificate of registration. If you are self-employed we request a bank statement to show proof of income.

The application will need to be accompanied by minimum TWO PIECES OF PHOTO ID. Suitable forms of ID could include: Passport, Birth Certificate, Drivers License, Utilities Account, Picture ID, Current bank statement, Car registration, Health card, Credit card, Copy of last tenancy agreement.

We'll also check your details against T.I.C.A. or other national data bases of defaulting tenant listings and VEDA.

Once your application is submitted and processed it is present to the owner for approval. Please note the owner is not required to disclose their reasoning behind their decisions. On approval of your application you are required to sign your lease agreement and pay required funds within 48 hours to secure the property. The funds payable are two weeks rent in advance and bond which is equivalent to 4 weeks rent.

The Paperwork

Before we ask you to sign the Tenancy Agreement we'll give you a full copy to read, and a detailed booklet outlining your rights and obligations when renting in Western Australia. It's important you ask us prior to signing if you do not understand the contents of these documents. The Bond Lodgement Form must also be signed by all tenants. All tenants must sign the lease, pay the bond & initial rent payment prior to us releasing keys to you.

Property Condition Report

It is your responsibility to check through the condition report and add your comments - if necessary. Sign and date the Condition Report and return to us to the office or post, fax or email within seven days of your lease commencement. If the report is not received, it will be taken that you have agreed with the report and the original condition of the property.

We can offer further information on:

  • Utilities connections
  • Removalists
  • Contents insurance
  • Rental payments

Agent's Property Inspections

We'll advise you ahead of time when we're carrying out the regular routine inspections. The first of these will occur around the 6 week mark of your tenancy, then quarterly thereafter. The primary role of these inspections is to advise the owner on the condition of their property and what, if any, maintenance is required. It is also to ensure you as the tenant are maintaining the property to standard. We assist you with providing a checklist with your inspections letter. The checklist will guide you through ensuring you are looking after the property. It's not necessary that you are present for these as we generally have a management set of keys to gain access. If you do request to be present please feel free to advise your property manager so a specific time and day can be organised.

Please note as part of our service to our landlord photos are taken at the property inspection and recorded on file at out office.

Lease Renewal

If you would like to renew your lease please report to your property manager in writing. Your property manager will negotiate between you and the owner for a new lease term and rental amount. This is finalised when you sign your new lease contract.

When The Lease Finishes

If you decide to move out please contact your property manager and record your notice and vacating date in writing. Legislation requires all tenants to give 30 days notice of vacating when on a fixed term tenancy. This notice does need to be handed to your property manager in writing. If on a periodical lease your notice period is 21 days. For your information legislation does also require the owner to give the tenant 30 days notice t vacate on a fixed term tenancy. On a periodical lease the owner must give the tenant 60 days notice unless the property is sold then they may give 30 days notice.

Your property manager is always happy to assist you with any queries and question you may have. You can email or call your property manager directly or otherwise email [email protected].